The must haves when going outback

Ok I was going to post this 4 days ago but …with mercury in retrograde it all got forgotten… Besides I am finding ROMP’s post a bit hard to keep up with.

 Yes Austin of Return Of the Modern Philosopher…. your reads are great but i can not keep up.

So when travelling there are always must haves.

Basic toolkit   (ok you pedantic people its a square root sign but the closest i could get to a tick)

Water ( purified and plain no sugary or spring water stuff) apx 10 litres minimum√

clothes including a jacket and jeans as it can get cold in the outback√

All the food you might need for first 2-3 days.  go easy on the perishable stuff…. great time to give up ice cream and milk and dairy.  Yes there are shops inimportant must have  for trip the towns but hey who really goes on holiday to shop????

So the MUST HAVES : 

  1. Sunscreen 30 + 
  2. Imodium for the upset gut you may get from the harder harsher water in the outback. And any other nasty you may pick up
  3. Saline solution for the grit in your eyes
  4. Aquatabs because the water can be rather unpleasant and this will help you digest it.
  5. Bushmans repellant trust me you will need this anywhere in australia. very good no smell and lethal to bugs.
  6. Oatmeal based moisturiser… or Sorbolene . Girls leave all your expensive creams at home because the weather and climate will play havoc with the chemicals in them.
  7. Stingose because at some time or other you will get bitten and this has a very cooling antiseptic base  to it.
  8. Antiseptic handwash gel.. ideal for all those times you go to the toilet in the bush, off road, public toilets at road stop areas, long drop dunnies etc.
  9. Burts Bees lip moisturisers ( my personal fav. is pomegranate) or any quality lip balm with sunscreen
  10. A good quality no name or basic Body scrub and face scrub.  To wash off all the days accumulated sunscreen, dust, fly spray, smells, etc. A ph free soap product is also ideal as , again the , water quality you may come across is never ideal.

Any way these are my products, no sponsors involved but food for thought.

Next post Broken Hill New South Wales


About Louise

I am a very young 53 year old. Like my star sign I am a typical Capricorn - tenacious, loyal, determined, honest, open minded, and dry sense of humour. I believe in astrology, intuition, spiritual matters and have a very healthy respect for all Buddhism. MY power number is 9. I was born at the end of a Dragon year. I am a very proud 5th generation Australian. I love to cook, read prolifically, write, and enjoy nature with all its wonderment. I love to cook especially for those who appreciate it. Like a great bottle of wine I am getting oh so much better with age. I have a natural curiosity and am constantly asking questions. I like to write and I wish I had become a librarian or researcher. Blogs help me get a "REAL FEEL" of what makes the world tick. Thank you every one for sharing.
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