Positives of the trip- So Far

Ok I had a bit of a rant in last post but I am working on that Hospitality / Customer service Basic rule.

I you dislike it then tell 10 people who will tell 10 people , etc etc .

If you love it then tell no one.

I am sure this is how the backpackers work their way around the world.


Trilby Station, Louth New South Wales.   Yes it was “at the end of the winter travel season” but Di, David and their lovable dog Henry, made  Molly and me feel very important. Along with all the other people who stayed either camping by the river, or by the the bunkhouse in THE SHADE or in the bunkhouse with  me. They are the caretakers whilst the owners have a respite from farming such a huge place. And were informative, nothing was a problem, kept the place sparkling clean and generally warm and friendly. 9/10 Google it and stay if you have the opportunity to do so.

Cunnamulla, Queensland.   From the engaging ladies at the Information centre to the BEST, BEST, BEST coffee in town, to the friendly people at the hotel and supermarket. This town wants tourist to enjoy it whether it is the “tourist season” or not. The weekend, after I was there, according to a newspaper I picked up on way back through  the town had a PBR rodeo on and there was 5000 extra people came to see it. Along with The CunnaMUlla Fella festival; at same time. It was a great weekend for all of us travellers outside ‘the season’.

That coffee can be found, along with great yummy cakes and food at The Boulder Cafe opposite that fountain I photographed. 8/10 yes I would stay again especially at the Top Tourist Park. Recently got new owners with reciprocal at the Quilpie caravan park. strong basic clean facilities including cabins and lots of – Dare I say it – LAWN AND SHADE.

Informative and friendly folk who will tell you a lot about the surrounding area and beyond…

Blackall, Queensland   This has  strong history to do with Australia and its before your eyes.  From the interesting Black Stump to The Wool Scour, the saleyards under shade from copious tress planted 60 years ago to the little picture signs in the street.  That explain different buildings or characters like Jack Howe; the shearer.  Down by the river is free camping of which you must be self sufficient but is lovely are to camp.  Around town and just outside town are these really easy to understand sculptures.

If like me you will, also, get a chance to see Brolgas up close. Doing their dance of love.

The caravan park looks basic but, once again, has all the right amenities, plenty of space either up near town or down by the river, The lady took pity on me and let Molly and I have a cabin.   Brand new bed, very clean, large, unlike some motels(for twice the price) shower and bathroom. Quality crockery cutlery and cooking utensils etc.

The IGA supermarket staff were friendly and were happy to compare prices, where I came from  to theirs. and help you in general.  The Lady at the Information centre, again, was extremely helpful and friendly.

Barcaldine, Queensland   I can not add to what I said in a previous post.  This town was pretty, friendly and loved tourists. Petrol was same price as the city at $1.48 per litre ( sorry those elsewhere not sure how to convert that) and its fast food looked fresh.


About Louise

I am a very young 53 year old. Like my star sign I am a typical Capricorn - tenacious, loyal, determined, honest, open minded, and dry sense of humour. I believe in astrology, intuition, spiritual matters and have a very healthy respect for all Buddhism. MY power number is 9. I was born at the end of a Dragon year. I am a very proud 5th generation Australian. I love to cook, read prolifically, write, and enjoy nature with all its wonderment. I love to cook especially for those who appreciate it. Like a great bottle of wine I am getting oh so much better with age. I have a natural curiosity and am constantly asking questions. I like to write and I wish I had become a librarian or researcher. Blogs help me get a "REAL FEEL" of what makes the world tick. Thank you every one for sharing.
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