Last leg of this journey

SO after stopping to admire The Long Paddock and its brilliant history. I arrived in the town of Hay.

Hay is situated on the Murrumbidgee River; one of Australia’s’ largest in the Murray Darling Basin. It has a history involving paddlesteamers and the development of Australia.

Between Hay and Balranald is Yanga National Park. It was 5 large working stations until the New South Wales government ‘acquired’ them and turned them into a park. Trying to re create the landscape the way it was before settlement.  It was a political ‘hot potato’ and still divides the generational community members.

It is worth a visit, another time.

HAY : Is a terrific small town trying to get over the droughts and brng some sort of positivity to its surrounds. Hay has embraced its past heritage and offers some very interesting places to see.

Of the places of interest I visited were :

  • The Nature walk by the town edge.
  • The Bidgee Riverside Trail.  Accessible to everyone including a wheelchair friendly footpath. On this short walk you will see sculptures pertaining to the regions history.
  • The Free Olympic sized swimming pool. With old fashioned lemonade icy poles, musk sticks, cigars, and milkbottle lollies in the kiosk.
  • The information centre is small but helpful and there is a full amenities block there with showers etc.  They provide free bikes for you to stretch your legs and see the town at a slower pace.
  • The Railway Station.  (or Dunera Museum.)  My dad loved trains and their history in making Australia. So guided by him Molly and I stopped there. Must go back because there is a museum in old restored carriages that tells the story of the POW camp that was in HAY.   I learnt something there , never knew there was a POW camp way out there.
  • Shear Outback.  Now this is like the Stockmans Hall of Fame but is all about how Australia was formed on the sheeps back. Great stories of shearers, there lives, the strike, wool prices, sheep breeds, how to choose great wool.   Very interesting even to those who may be a bit bored. Affordable and great things to buy in gift shop.  

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Hay is on the crossroads of a very busy trans continental highway.  So out on the bypass there are a lot of road trains BUT the roadhouse is very clean, great staff, and good place to get tips on the roads.


About Louise

I am a very young 53 year old. Like my star sign I am a typical Capricorn - tenacious, loyal, determined, honest, open minded, and dry sense of humour. I believe in astrology, intuition, spiritual matters and have a very healthy respect for all Buddhism. MY power number is 9. I was born at the end of a Dragon year. I am a very proud 5th generation Australian. I love to cook, read prolifically, write, and enjoy nature with all its wonderment. I love to cook especially for those who appreciate it. Like a great bottle of wine I am getting oh so much better with age. I have a natural curiosity and am constantly asking questions. I like to write and I wish I had become a librarian or researcher. Blogs help me get a "REAL FEEL" of what makes the world tick. Thank you every one for sharing.
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