men who think they are men

Yes –  following on from ‘The Daily Prompt” I am going with much, misguided, GUT INSTINCT and writing this post. Ok it is a departure from my other sweet, softly softly approach to blogging but hey, i am gutted ( no pun intended).

Remember that movie”What Women Want’ with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. It was pretty funny, in a strange odd ball way.  So how come there has not been a movie put out called ” What Men Want” ???

Probably because men can never really tell us what they want. Most of the time they do not even know themselves.

They seem to be just, like sheep and follow stereotypical ways set done by some moron, out there who reckons they are an authority on such matters.

or what they see around them,

or as MEN they do, and say,  what they think is what they want.

Or,even worse, how their older generation told them the wants they should have without even questioning why.

My most recent “friendship” has ended and boy! oh boy! looking back it was a bit of a minefield; to speak of.

‘his wants’ were very adhered to from the get go, by me but that still was, apparently, not good enough now.

  • He never came over to my house; yep stupid me I did all the ‘chasing’.
  • He loved to cook, as did I . we seemed to share the kitchen ok. He even made me eat fish again.
  • He liked music- that was pretty evident with the BOSE surround sound stereo and the flash tv hooked up .But I was never allowed to turn it on. Might upset the settings. Thus house was silent.
  • He loved dogs. And i adored them from day 1.
  • He liked to read the paper over breakfast. as did I.
  • he enjoyed nature . again, as did I.
  • he said he liked a woman who could hold her own, had a bit of spunk and sparkle and g8 in bed. Well i met all of those wants
  • But the deal breaker was when I left my cup in the sink not in dishwasher, I expressed an opinion about the recent election, apparently asked too many questions about him and his life, friends, kids etc.  –  OMG how is one supposed to get to know you if one does not ask.???  and made mention that I liked to write.  EEK!!!

Ohh and when I was quite ill , approximately half way into this friendship. He did not want a sick person. He just wanted a person who is copy carbon of him.   No ifs No Buts.

So I want to know Men out there What Do You, really, want from a Woman  -who likes you, loves your dogs, will bend over backwards to nurture you and care for you but in return just wants your companionship.

None of us are getting any younger.

In reality this all , well…………………. you dear readers put your own words here because he certainly did not want to know any of mine.

What Do Men Want???


About Louise

I am a very young 53 year old. Like my star sign I am a typical Capricorn - tenacious, loyal, determined, honest, open minded, and dry sense of humour. I believe in astrology, intuition, spiritual matters and have a very healthy respect for all Buddhism. MY power number is 9. I was born at the end of a Dragon year. I am a very proud 5th generation Australian. I love to cook, read prolifically, write, and enjoy nature with all its wonderment. I love to cook especially for those who appreciate it. Like a great bottle of wine I am getting oh so much better with age. I have a natural curiosity and am constantly asking questions. I like to write and I wish I had become a librarian or researcher. Blogs help me get a "REAL FEEL" of what makes the world tick. Thank you every one for sharing.
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