Change – what has changed?

Change has the world really changed? ??? I am watching a truly great movie called “THE EXPRESS” .
it is a football movie about Ernie Davis who played football ( gridiron) in an era of change for the USA and racism…
But i ask some 55 years later had any of this changed??? Because here in australia we have the soccer’s version, the ASIAN CUP on.
The Iranian team had a meet and greet w fans in Qld today. Yet their families could not come here to watch them play. & teams cannot go there because of ‘the perceived’ danger..
So has change really happened??? Because, in a generalistic
sense i really do not think it has..
By the way Dennis Quaid is great in this movie…love all these g8 motivational sports flicks…go syracuse…ra ra ra.:)


About Louise

I am a very young 53 year old. Like my star sign I am a typical Capricorn - tenacious, loyal, determined, honest, open minded, and dry sense of humour. I believe in astrology, intuition, spiritual matters and have a very healthy respect for all Buddhism. MY power number is 9. I was born at the end of a Dragon year. I am a very proud 5th generation Australian. I love to cook, read prolifically, write, and enjoy nature with all its wonderment. I love to cook especially for those who appreciate it. Like a great bottle of wine I am getting oh so much better with age. I have a natural curiosity and am constantly asking questions. I like to write and I wish I had become a librarian or researcher. Blogs help me get a "REAL FEEL" of what makes the world tick. Thank you every one for sharing.
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