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Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! Its Our Birthday

So it is January 26. Officially our nations birthday.. who cares if we are a republic or NOT.. We are still the most liveable, easy going, friendliest country on this planet. Yes we have recently had our own problems like … Continue reading

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Only in Australia can………

Woo Hooo  !!! it is 5, Yes Five more days until our Birthday. Only In Australia can we: CELEBRATE, and I mean celebrate a National Public holiday over 3-4 days; or even make it 5 if you use some leave … Continue reading

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NYE – 2014. Is this a new beginning for me??

Woo Hoo!! Another year comes to a close.  Well in Time speak it does.   So where has my past 365 days gone? I have constantly wondered that as each month ended and new one began. Here are some actual … Continue reading

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He”s here….Its christmas in Australia

  HUGE KISSES everyone because….  yeah! SANTA IS HERE… the bells are ringing at the catholic church. All the dogs are barking, and not the ‘get away from my house’ bark BUT the “HEY guys pass it on Santa Claus … Continue reading

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Lindt Chocolate Cafe Sydney

Today many people were just going about there “Monday Morning Coffee Club ritual ‘ ( thanks Austin @romp) when one individual did not want coffee or chocolate. Why not you ask” because Lindt Chocolates are very yummy” a chorus of you say. … Continue reading

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How Dare You ….. yes all of you who do these things.   What is wrong with you?? Why do you feel you have to make such bloodied, merciless, fearful  motions into play?? Did you think about the cost of … Continue reading

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How dare you …yes you that person in Sydney ….how dare you..holding those innocent people hostage. How dare all you extremists…include those with any sort of individualistic idealism. HOW DARE YOU…ruin australia ‘s laid back attitude Even if you like … Continue reading

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Central West New South Wales – Hillston

Ring- a- ding a ding dong… ” Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.  Ohh!! what fun we could all have, if in the snow we played..”  OOps i momentarily got lost in ROMPS post about snow.   Yep its … Continue reading

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Delays, Delays and computer glitches – Back to the trip

And here I am again.  So Sorry for the delay in my trip memoirs but after the Heatwave and some minor virus interruptions- on my computer I am back to finish the tale. ( MY trusty ASUS after 8 years … Continue reading

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Longreach Queensland

Ok this post is/ was / should have been written approximately 6 days ago. BUT I have been doing some personal reflection – you know life, love, past loves, eating, drinking etc, and trying to keep up with ROMP, god … Continue reading

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