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Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! Its Our Birthday

So it is January 26. Officially our nations birthday.. who cares if we are a republic or NOT.. We are still the most liveable, easy going, friendliest country on this planet. Yes we have recently had our own problems like … Continue reading

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Only in Australia can………

Woo Hooo  !!! it is 5, Yes Five more days until our Birthday. Only In Australia can we: CELEBRATE, and I mean celebrate a National Public holiday over 3-4 days; or even make it 5 if you use some leave … Continue reading

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Becoming learned from TV

Yes! television. Here in good old Australia, it is summer. and that means at least 2 stations showing tennis, one for golf, one for cricket and another for all those great re runs of  that some how we all missed. … Continue reading

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Its over… for now Another birthday

So that is it dear readers my BIG Birthday over and done with. Now out with the rubbish waiting to be collected kerbside. How was the day???? Usual.   I am so glad I have no expectations of any of … Continue reading

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So here it is THE BIG BIRTHDAY

Happy birthday to me , Happy Birthday to me, Happy happy biiirrrtthhhdaayyyy 2 meeee!!!!  (sang in the same falsetto as a yowling cat )  Happy Birthday to me.  Yes it is about to be midnight on the beginning of January … Continue reading

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NYE – 2014. Is this a new beginning for me??

Woo Hoo!! Another year comes to a close.  Well in Time speak it does.   So where has my past 365 days gone? I have constantly wondered that as each month ended and new one began. Here are some actual … Continue reading

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My Special Christmas Present

This is my christmas present.  No santa did not leave it nor did anyone else.  I bought this when i was having my Sojourn to The Outback. I was in Broken Hill at the time and visiting the Largest Mural in the World … Continue reading

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He”s here….Its christmas in Australia

  HUGE KISSES everyone because….  yeah! SANTA IS HERE… the bells are ringing at the catholic church. All the dogs are barking, and not the ‘get away from my house’ bark BUT the “HEY guys pass it on Santa Claus … Continue reading

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2 hours to go and Counting……..

Yeah!!! there is a new moon hanging low in the sky. I can see the bright star, the town is quiet and the weather very mild 21C ……I can almost hear him HO HO Ho ing.  I want to believe. … Continue reading

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End Of Another Year or is it?

Yes  -it is the end of another year, And with that comes far too much over the top ‘Christmas Cheer.’ Cannot quite get into it, as I feel Blue Another Christmas alone; this time without you. Why did you have … Continue reading

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Love Actually

I have just watched this movie for the ..(HMMMM i think the 20th time.. ) And I love this movie. It is about christmas, friendship and relationships. Ok it is abit chick flick but I do know of guys who … Continue reading

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men who think they are men

Yes –  following on from ‘The Daily Prompt” I am going with much, misguided, GUT INSTINCT and writing this post. Ok it is a departure from my other sweet, softly softly approach to blogging but hey, i am gutted ( … Continue reading

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