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Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! Its Our Birthday

So it is January 26. Officially our nations birthday.. who cares if we are a republic or NOT.. We are still the most liveable, easy going, friendliest country on this planet. Yes we have recently had our own problems like … Continue reading

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Only in Australia can………

Woo Hooo  !!! it is 5, Yes Five more days until our Birthday. Only In Australia can we: CELEBRATE, and I mean celebrate a National Public holiday over 3-4 days; or even make it 5 if you use some leave … Continue reading

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Dear G…..it was my birthday

Darling *G Thanks for taking me out to dinner for my 50th birthday. (Ha ha how funny was that? I mean you were embarrassed to be seen with me in public all throughout ‘the friendship’ so why would you have … Continue reading

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I wish someone would….

I recently read a post by:…… http://markbialczak.com/ I think it was.hmm? about the weirdest and silliest things you would put on your christmas list. This is not so weird BUT I wish someone would…..invent quieter leaf blowers, lawn mowers, edge … Continue reading

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Christmas bah ha humbuggg! What I really want

OK LISTEN Up or rather READ up… yes all of you my family, ‘friends’ (pretend or otherwise), in general nice people of this world.. YES Earth, duffers, not MARS.  What do I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS : Ok its 5 weeks … Continue reading

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