Well here it is another year and one that went by in a blur. I did travel but it was work orientated and family stuff. For those who have not checked via Capricorn Girl our mother passed away in July and there was much up and down the road to Mildura from Melbourne most of the year.  Also my friend Adam lost his wife in February and I have been on the road to check in with him half a dozen times.  Along the way I had 3 short quick trips – 1- to the Yarra Valley, 2- the lovely Murray river town of Cobram and the third to the wine region of Rutherglen. I will definitely be going back to see these places this year so i will master my ‘trendy new’smart phone and this new laptop to post these trips.

Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday and i am doing a quick road trip to the Otway Ranges to a small trendy place called Forrest. So I will post some pics etc over next 2 days.

So i have posted a picture of the waves at nearby Apollo Bay to satisfy you all..

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Multi storey car parking is what we want

Useless is the one dimensional one’s on offer, we all have to park too far away.

Let’s  have a  REAL look dear councilors on what happens every day.

Time to pull your heads out of the sand.

Include everyone in this ‘master public transport plan’

Spend money and now not ‘real soon’ or 2028.

Trying to catch a train on time; when having to walk a half mile to the boom gate.

Ordinary folk are always running late.

Raging mad, frustrated and tired everyday.

Extra 1-2 hours on my, already long day, trying to find a spot.

Yes a MULTI STOREY CARPARK, at every train station is what we all really want.




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A quick check up and In

Hello Everybody.

WOW ohh! wow have you all been busy beavers since I last posted.  WHEWw!!  taken ages to read all your thoughts aned Austin You still rock..

I guess it is because majority of you are SNOWED In and have not much else to do.

In the menawhile Down Under we are still in the high 30’s (celsius) +++ and yes am getting a little tad tired of it .

This week we where hit by two (2) cyclones . One was Marcia…….and that other famous Marcia (Maureen Mc cormick) is starring on our own version of “I am a celebrity get me out of here” being filmed in the oh so beautiful Kruger National Park South Africa.

The cyclone version ran into the central coast of Queensland through the big city of Rockhampton, yeppon, and is now heading south along that coast.   The southeren end of the Great Barrier reef was stirred up and tossed around like clothes in a washing machine.

(I do hope Razorbackwriteraus – you are just getting much needed rain and family are safe.)

The other cyclone hit the far northern part of Australia in an area called Arhnem Land.  Cyclone Lam was equally destructive but due to less inhabitants it did not wreck as much.  Do not get me wrong there are still communities displaced and flooding water everwhere, trees down, no power etc. because this area is more National Park than suburbia its effect may not be known for days or weeks or months.   It ‘s effect on the biodiversity may take years to catalogue also. Also the Aboriginal tribal people are very resilient and are taking care of the cleanup. I guess they are kinda used to it.

So we are all having weather events to change our collective thinking on ‘climate change’ , maybe maybe not???? –  but we are all still alive and well; as can be.    Who knows what it was like hundreds of years ago. We do not know because there was less of us.

I do know this weather is creating some spectacular photographic moments and you gotta admire that.

Feeling down and alone all you have to do is vist any of those sites, pinterest, instagram, snapchat etc and see how fantastic Mothere Nature is.

So thqats it for this post. Until I get back to my local library internet again.

Be good Be brave and Remember you are not alone.


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Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! Its Our Birthday

So it is January 26. Officially our nations birthday.. who cares if we are a republic or NOT.. We are still the most liveable, easy going, friendliest country on this planet.

Yes we have recently had our own problems like the rest of the world BUT today is week 2 of the Australian Open tennis, – where last night we proudly watched 4 of our bright young players slug it out to make the finals.   Although I am not sure I like the lollipop colors they are wearing.  Our adopted home boy in Roger Federer was eliminated along with Lleytton Hewitt

Even the Williams sisters ( who we adopt at this time of year) made it through.

Yesterday Afternoon was the culmination of The TOUR DOWN UNDER cycling event in South Australia, where we all loudly applauded (and quietly cried) as Cadel Evans retired from the sport of cycling.  But our next champion in Rohan Dennis won .

We are hosting the ASIAN FOOTBALL CUP ( soccer) and in the game btw Iran and Iraq not one thing politic was mentioned. Whilst 10,000 people cheered both teams on.  Tomorrow the Socceroos play the UAE.

Tonight Australia Plays India in a cricket match, and this week all across the country kiddies pack up their holiday stuff and go back to school.

Today, all around Australia ( and the world)  there will have been community bbq’s, concerts, citizenship ceremonies, fireworks, and all things just plain fun in honour of this birthday.

Should you wish to see how fantastic Australians are.

Here is the list  of OUR Australians of the Year recipients.

The overall winner was a very courageous woman named Rosie Batty.

Although I was hoping the lovely Deborah Lee Furness ( aka Mrs Hugh Jackman) would be recognized for all here terrific work in changing minds and laws for adoption of children from overseas.

My favorite author Jackie French was honored as our top SENIOR Australian.


Do yourselves a favor and come on down under soon… CHEERS MATE


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Inspiration Point

If this has merit then every one should be writing……

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Only in Australia can………

AustraliaWoo Hooo  !!! it is 5, Yes Five more days until our Birthday.

Only In Australia can we:

  • CELEBRATE, and I mean celebrate a National Public holiday over 3-4 days; or even make it 5 if you use some leave or just chuck ‘a sickie’.
  • Be a proficient sports mad nut and still be loved by all our family; regardless of allegiances.
  • Be the best country to come and live in.
  • Have the most unique collection animals ever.   From the Ice Age era of Dolphins with razor teeth, Wombats that could swim, Dipridons, huge anaconda like eels and Crocodiles that still are alive and hungry today.   To our unique Tassie Devil, Great White Shark, Whale Sharks, Kookaburras, emus and platypus  that still survive today.
  • Only in Australia can we blow the equivalent of the nations debt in fireworks, for any occasion BUT bitch about the price of ciggies and beer going up, or how much we get scammed by the airlines for’carry on baggage’.
  • Only here do we take refugees from every war torn, destitute, despot country and turn them into Aussies.  They then repay us by representing us in sport and all other areas proudly wearing the green and gold.
  • Only here do we have the most eye catching, jaw dropping and fun loving spectacular beach for our external border.
  • Only here can we have a 2 year drought washed away in 30 minutes flat with 5 years worth of rainfall.
  • And whilst that is happening in other parts of the country bush fires rage close to city edges.
  • Only here do we hail OUR REAL HEROES  – in the form of anyone who is and is part of our emergency services.  Yeah all the firies, ambos, paramedics, SES rescue guys, lifesavers and the ilk.We are so good at this, We go to your countries to help, guide and instruct you; on how best to do it.
  • We have so many World, Olympic Champions. It is hard to keep the HONOR ROLL Updated.  [Two (2)currently live in my very own back yard]…. Cadel Evans, Mark Weber, Darren Morgan, Bec Gange, Simon Whitlock, Ian Thorpe, Rod Laver, Margaret Court, Greg Norman, Adam Scott, Andrew Bogut, Michelle Timms, Andrew Gaze, Lauren Jackson, Anthony Rocca ( plays gridiron), Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmour, Chad reed, John Betrand (and all those guys and gals in the yachting world that just happened to sail and compete in your countries), Andrew Hoy and the equestrian champions. etc etc etc.
  • We have the worlds best scientists studying and working here.
  • We offer the world our VERY BEST Medical Technology and lead the way in ground breaking cancers/ research.
  • Only here do we have such a multicultural and ethnic diverse population that my nieces and nephews are more conversant with world politics than I am.  Due to the mix of kids in their classes at school.
  • Our farms are not just big BUT darn BIG.  They are not called farms but stations….So Big that most of them take a day to cross and 2 weeks to get around all of their boundary fences.
  • We can feed ourselves and you.  We have the best freshest and delicious foods grown here.  We export some much of it , that it is one of our biggest money makers.
  • We provide the world with most of its iron ore, copper, industrial sands, diamonds and pearls. And in recent years Natural gases.
  •  We have some  of the most diverse ecology and yet we predominantly live by the waters edge.
  • Only in Australia can we have an election called for 30 days time; to see that government pushed aside before they can do any real good.
  • Only in Australia do we embrace Women for a lot of our political top jobs.  ohh and on occasion corporate high fliers like Gail Kelly of Westpac bank fame or Gai Waterhouse of the horse racing and breeding dynasty.
  • Only in Australia do we have the best Defense Forces that we come and help all of you.  And we are recognized for it worldwide.
  • ONLY IN AUSTRALIA CAN we poke fun at ourselves and still hug our mates, with no malice or misunderstanding about it.

I am a very proud Australian and I would not want to live anywhere else; even if i do say if i won lotto i would move to the Bahamas….Second thoughts why should I move . Every thing is here in Australia.

Australia is the best country in the world…..and you are jealous because we all know you just want to visit and stay.

Cheers Mates.

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How to Feel Like Writing Again

Once Again my blogging friend Ryan has encouraged me to get a routine going. So come on everyone “lets write” ( visualise this hummed along to the song by David Bowie and Mick Jagger….

A Writer's Path


We’ve all felt it at one time or another. The story loses its shine and you’re left with a half-completed story. Why does this happen, and how do you continue?

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Becoming learned from TV

Yes! television.

Here in good old Australia, it is summer. and that means at least 2 stations showing tennis, one for golf, one for cricket and another for all those great re runs of  thatAmerican Idol rubbish

some how we all missed.  Through out the rest of the year, just gone.

Ohhh! and one that if it plays that commercial ad naseum for there ‘up and coming’ wonderful  reality ( read a shameless plug for all your sponsors show. Hardly any building plenty of edited fighting) renovation show. I will be writing to the TV Ombudsman and complaining.   Do you hear me???? PLEEAAASSSEEE we know already how ‘your show works’…..

BUT I am definitely enjoying :

  • Hot in Cleveland.  What a stellar cast .  Best of all it is quite humorous and being of that age group I do get all the dating jokes.   On a small tangent form that is all the great shows all those gals were in before –  Frasier, Just Shoot me, Golden Girls and… oops brain freeze. forgot the other one.
  • Rules of Engagement . David Spade is wonderful as Russell and i love the sidekick guy, again forgot his name but the British guy always picking up after Mr Dunbar.
  • CSI  and its franchises. Here in Aust. they used to be on Sunday night, then some ‘brilliant’ programmer decided to split them up over differing nights and time slots. Thus I lost track of the story lines especially when Marg Helgenberger left and Ted Danson arrived.  In CSI Miami I, totally lost the story line about the time Horatio went to Brazil chasing some cartel.
  • NCIS, Charmed, JAG, Poirot, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead, Cold Case, Rizzioli and Isle, Chicago? ( the one about the firemen), Blue Bloods, The Indian Doctor, Downtown Abbey, Person of Interest, N3mbers with that cute guy as maths nerd,  and of course Big Bang Theory.
  • Some eps. of Sex and the city, Auction Hunters, American restoration, and Becker.
  • Now for the learned bit:
  • I am thoroughly enjoying any TV show that has :- Mega in its title.  I mean how cool is the way some of the worlds most amazing buildings are though up, designed and constructed.  Or the projects like bridges across great expanses of water, airports etc.
  • Grand Designs with the charming Kevin MacCloud.  It is interesting why people do not want a stock standard house to live in and the budgets.  whew!!
  • Anything that is David Attenborough.  I can never learn enough about the animals on this planet.   Wished we had sociology and geography classes like that in high school.    * Honorable mention to Martin Clunes for the History of Dogs series.
  • * and  also the guys who do shows like History of Britain / Scotland/ France etc.
  • Great Cooking shows.  yum all that food. I have fallen in love with you –  Rick Stein, Luke Van Nygen, Anthony Carlucii, Hugh from River Cottage, Nigella, Heston Blumenthal, Sammy D and his mate that munch their way through the USA, and the guy who does Man V Food.
  • Our SBS and ABC because it seems they have some great show lately. Including my favorite sports show – The Dakar Rally – OK it is Motorsport but every year the photography of South America  has me glued to the daily eps. and round ups. Even more so this year because a guy from oz was competing.
  • Best of all is my all year favorite : Antiques Roadshow…....history, old stuff, new stuff, money, people, locations and just all round easy to watch fascinating TV.

So I have my summer pegged.  I realise it is winter for most of you but am I right?? or Am I right?? some of this stuff is great to watch.

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Mindful Monday–Live Within Each Moment

This is wonderful and i encourage my readers to give it a try ….i have just begun to discover mindful ness again.


Colleen Chesebro ~ Fairy Whisperer

In my weekly feature called, “Mindful Monday,” I like to share my views on becoming more ‘mindful’.  This encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to.

Mindful Monday

Last week, I worked on “mindful-eating.”  I slowed down and took my time, chewing and savoring my food.  I did try to sit at the table more, and not eat in my creative room while I was blogging.  I would say for the most part, my week was successful.  I found out that I could eat my salad with chopsticks, which was an enjoyable experience, and it helped me to slow down my eating.

This week my focus is going to be about dealing “within the moment.”  I am writing my first book .  It should come as no great surprise when I tell you that…

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Change – what has changed?

Change has the world really changed? ??? I am watching a truly great movie called “THE EXPRESS” .
it is a football movie about Ernie Davis who played football ( gridiron) in an era of change for the USA and racism…
But i ask some 55 years later had any of this changed??? Because here in australia we have the soccer’s version, the ASIAN CUP on.
The Iranian team had a meet and greet w fans in Qld today. Yet their families could not come here to watch them play. & teams cannot go there because of ‘the perceived’ danger..
So has change really happened??? Because, in a generalistic
sense i really do not think it has..
By the way Dennis Quaid is great in this movie…love all these g8 motivational sports flicks…go syracuse…ra ra ra.:)

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What a traumatic start to 2015

Ohh nooooo i really thought 2015 would be full of joy and happiness …but my year has started badly…first my horrible, boring 50th birthday, no ‘mr right’ and now. 😦
My baby has life force, my connection to the ‘Real World’, no not the soap opera,  the real human world- my ASUS laptop died 2 hours ago. Just as i was backing up all your great posts etc we had a power surge……nooooooo!!!! I screeched ….
No matter what i tried to do she won’t resuscitate …sob.
8.75 years you  gave me immense pleasure, hard work, and moments of growth….farewell my friend, right arm, my conjunct to the technological world. ….my heart aches…now i have to replace you..

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Dear G… was my birthday

Darling *G

Thanks for taking me out to dinner for my 50th birthday.

(Ha ha how funny was that? I mean you were embarrassed to be seen with me in public all throughout ‘the friendship’ so why would you have done that now?)

It was g8 to catch up, listen to you

(Of course I am going to listen to you because you- did not like me talking even about trivial things like “how hot has it been?”)

And enjoy – the food and wine.

(Of course you would have drunk at least 3-4 beers when you got home from work before you came out, and then had the obligatory beer for entrée and at least 2 glasses of wine with your dinner because that is how much you had every other time.)

I was so glad you liked my sexy ‘smoking hot’ new dress because I had bought it for the occasion, way back in October.  Pity! You did not want to get me, out of it. (This time)

You had no problem getting me naked all those other times.

You always did have discerning taste – in women; as long as they were not me.   But then There is a ‘NEW’ woman in your life, so one would guess that she would not like you to be seeing any other woman friend, ex or not.

 [This new one or rather ‘old one’ ……“I have known her from most of my life”…. Obviously does not look anything like me because if, she is like most other women, from that older age group – she will have a backside that matches your gut and wears those dreadful white 3/4 type pants; that she ‘thinks’ makes her look great.  I bet she is allowed to talk  – loudly, raucously, have an opinion etc. when you go out, in public and you will do that, a lot, because she is part of your type of people and inner circle.]

Lucky!!!! I had no expectations of a g8 birthday because you forgot it, like others did including my family or as I do like to think (yes- something else you seemed frightened of, in me, the ability to think) you just chose to ignore the fact.


So Darling G   oops!!! I forgot -you did tell me not to call you darling, or any other term of endearment; it might have implied some sort of a ‘relationship’.  Would not want that now?

Your loss……..I did trust you. I did find your work interesting and your past exploits funny and intriguing. I even liked the few odd times I met your Adult Children and grandchild.

I loved cooking meals at your house with you, I liked the way you massaged my body when it ached, the way we slept together and the sex – well it was terrific.

I am not sorry you felt intimidated by my need to read (but hey you did read the newspaper each morning.  the difference is???? and write or that I took technology on headfirst and learnt things. I am not sorry I used big words but you are a successful business man I though you may have used some of them yourself; over time. But the way you treated   me at the end it hurt. 

Remember :you really should not judge a book by its cover.

And you did that to me. Bet you do not do that to her.


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Its over… for now Another birthday

So that is it dear readers my BIG Birthday over and done with. Now out with the rubbish waiting to be collected kerbside.

How was the day???? Usual.   I am so glad I have no expectations of any of my birthdays being remotely exciting, or surprising.. It started with the previous blog and now.. Well day 1 of the next 365 to the next birthday.

I got ……(drum roll please)….A fridge.   Yes my siblings bought me a fridge.

Apparently they reckon the one I had was not cold enough.   Mind you last week they were here for 3 days in 100+ f heat, the door was more open than shut and so full ; i reckon even it thought its christmases had all come at once.

And today – my nieces and nephews had some gorgeous flowers delivered by interflora.  The surprise went out of that because the florist did not have my correct address; so they rang me not the sender.

I eagerly waited for the postie but then had to dismally watch him ride straight past my mail box.  Damnation!! not even a bill to get on this auspicious day.

Of course my mother forgot; she is excused because she has dementia.

So The day was hot  – 37C ( apx 98f), kinda humid and even Molly the dog was not excited.  Yep birthdays suck….

So here is: A very Big Happy Birthday to Austin , Bangor Maine, USA or known as Return of the Modern Philosopher who’s birthday it is today.

( tuesday 6th january 2015)

Cake and Confetti

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So here it is THE BIG BIRTHDAY

Happy 50th Birthday

Happy birthday to me , Happy Birthday to me, Happy happy biiirrrtthhhdaayyyy 2 meeee!!!!  (sang in the same falsetto as a yowling cat )  Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday Greeting with Cake and Gifts Yes it is about to be midnight on the beginning of January 5 2015.  I am 50 today. Honestly I really thought It would feel different, maybe it will in 24 hours, but then again It feels like JUST ANOTHER DAY.  SHeeesh!!! or Ughhh as Austin would write about mondays.

A quick recap of past Birthdays:

  •  10th birthday . It was the year my grandfather passed away from leukemia. I was in grade 6 and had a disgusting ‘pudding bowl’ style haircut. I had also really discovered the library at school.
  • 20th birthday. I was in my 3rd year of a cooking apprenticeship   Perfecto and had taken a transfer to Sydney from Melbourne  – just because. And like any one in the year of 1985 I thought it would be cool and exciting.  I had a very short No2 barber style haircut because of work demands. My wages were an exciting $450 per week but my lifestyle was costing me twice that. Hell it was the 80’s     So i did lots of overtime.custom smiley   of course there was overtime, i was a chef,  hells bells  my shifts lasted 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Caffeine was drug of choice back then.   And Chocolates
  • 21st birthday.  The biggest clue to show what my birthdays would be like in years to come.  My family totally forgot it was my 21st.  I was ‘couple less’    Ok no guy was interested!!    My sister was at university doing here Arts degree, Older bro’ was getting married and younger bro’ was doing an apprenticeship in mechanics.
  • 30th birthday.  Well  lots had happened in the intervening ten years.  I came back home , briefly after the excitement of Sydney.  I had a minor breakdown ( although at the time did not recognise it as that) I wandered around back and forth btw jobs and locations. Met Andrew; we set up house together, he got transferred and by this time really thought we could make ago of it and have a family.   Alas none of that happened . Not without trying. I had my first 2 melanomas removed.

40th birthday.  Well let us  just say this day

really truly sucked.

By now Andrew and I had split, Had a couple of affairs, one night  “what was I thinking?’ Thinking and custom smileyhook ups and essentially i wandered off – again looking for “MR RIGHT, excitement and fulfillment.

  •  Found Rob and this birthday which was to be special ended up being a farce.
  • No not John Cleese and silly walk Farce but in a way it was.Dancing Egyptian
  •  Breakfast in Bed was totally forgotten – he went for a run and by the time he got back I had left for the Swim titles in Melbourne.  I ended up buying myself a chocolate croissant and 6 lemon Krispy Kreme donuts on the road trip.   MMMMM Krispy Kreme Donuts…….
  • the ‘big’ “i will take you shopping after lunch” spree was, also, forgotten because his work was far more important.  So most of the day was spent at the National Swimming Titles. We  both had swimmers competing.  Thank God my 2 came through for wins – yeah some  joy briefly.   His 3 failed dismally and the ire was taken out on me. Kicking Dirt There goes this birthday.  Then later that night I wanted to go out to a particular restaurant … nope he chose this very busy Japanese place and of course we waited, waited and waited some more to be served by then I was SO OVER this ‘special’ birthday I sulked all the way home.  Exhausted and depressed.

So here I am Alone Again naturally…I think that is a John denver song…   I do hope this is the beginning of more wonderful birthdays.

Birthday Balloons with PresentsHappy Birthday Greeting with Cake and GiftsGet the Bubbly

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Eddie’s Message for the New Year

Thank You for reminding me to be true to myself.

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NYE – 2014. Is this a new beginning for me??

Woo Hoo!!New Years Noise

Another year comes to a close.  Well in Time speak it does.   So where has my past 365 days gone?

I have constantly wondered that as each month ended and new one began.

Here are some actual things that shaped my year.

January 2014:    I was, like now, counting down the hours ( yes 125 to go) to my 49th birthday.  I was on my own and hoping, like, hell, this would be the year for Mr right’.      

custom smiley         (this explains exactly how i felt most of the year.)

The weather was usual; for this region. HIGH 32 C + most days with the ‘odd’ break and light shower.  Ohh and the odd dust storm or two.  


There had been bushfires and storms.   It was my nieces 14th birthday, the kids went back to school and the twins went to Mt Buller for a whole year of school at Timbertop.  Yep the twins go to a private school.

I had yet to see my father but had spoken many times on the phone to him.. He was having some problems with his left shoulder and a cough that he could not quite shake.  Although he was still riding his bike and walking Molly twice a day.

Valentines Day rolled around and I found my cynicism on red hot high… URGHH!!!

Happy note it was nieces 14th birthday .  Plans were hatched for me to visit in 2 weeks and we would celebrated the 14th with my nephews 18th birthday… Anxiety hit hard….what do I get the 18 yr old??

MARCH:  This was the worse time of my, and siblings lives, our father suddenly felt unwell, his shoulder was painful and he could not sleep.  Then he had trouble breathing.

My sister took him to emergency, I was rung – a very fast road trip took place. 689 kms’ in apx. 5 hours.   The next day was my nephews 18th.  He was told that grandpa was sick.   In reality he was in ICU ONCOLOGY..    3 and 1/2 days later my father passed away in front of us.  I cannot explain the grief…

MARCH / APRIL : 2 funerals were held for my father.  Another niece turned 10 and her other grandfather had a heart attack whilst driving a car and ended in ICU.  So easter was totally forgotten. by all of us.

MAY / JUNE / JULY: We all stumbled through these months. I know I was sick with a bad bout of shingles and flu. In that time I had met someone.  Very very casual dinners, camping, and relaxing were shared.  At the time I did not even realise it was doomed from day one. Had the ‘old rose colored glasses ‘ on. Heart Glasses BUT it was so good to go to sleep with another next to me, getting a massage, and to wake up finding us holding hands or cuddling, or all the great meals we both cooked.

These months were compounded by a fight over my fathers estate and legal action.  Consequently that brother is no longer part of my life, never really was.

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER:  Legal stuff was settled.  We all started to grieve a bit less.  It would have been Dads 81st birthday.  My sister and one of the girls went to Thailand for a holiday, J (bro in law) went to Byron Bay for surfing trip- only it rained the whole time he was there.  Our mother slipped a bit more into dementia and a vegetated state.  I begun to plan my trip for dad to Queensland.  (You can read about it way down in earlier blogs on this site )

OCTOBER:  The ‘friendship was disintegrating before my eyes.  He said sex was terrific but I kinda ‘bored him’ and we ‘apparently’ suddenly did not have much in common…  where that all came from to this day I am unsure of..

So i headed on MY SOJOURN TO THE OUTBACK.… mind you he still checked in most days wanting to know what I had done/ seen/ been/ eaten..

The trip was exciting, interesting, and everything I really thought Australia looked like.. Even though I tried to “let go” , “move on”  I found I could not. Maybe because I was still ill. Then a day I reached my destination..  I finally cried .  My dad said it was ok to do so and I did.  Some of my grief subsided.   Although the depression did not go too far away.  It would have been nice to share all of this with someone.

The UPSIDE OF THIS MONTH : was I bite the bullet and began to write again, AND I found WordPress.

I discovered all of you.. So i am ‘not an idiot who loves to write’ – to quote a person; who obviously does not enjoy words.

NOVEMBER / DECEMBER:   Austin (ROMP) was my saviour. His blogs about Halloween and christmas re ignited a desire to live life; again.   I had some really great laughs at them.  Mark filled me with curiosity about Syracuse and beyond.  Colleen made me feel all warm and welcome with her love for life in Florida.  Jacke Wilson re ignited my interest in literature, libraries, philosophy. I read many others including Without Grains – yum those recipes are great, Books, Baking and Blogging from the Netherlands, Twenty and Young, The Daily (w) rite, Blogging 101, and too many others to mention.

Again I just wanted to jump on a plane and meet them.   In between I slowly mended myself.   Yep! western medicine is a scam.

AND then there was the discovery of the truly wonderful Eddie Two Hawks.  Who reintroduced me to the very wise words of Bhagvad Gai, Lao tzu and enlightenment, spirituality and ensured me it was ok to think like that.

 So it is now 2015 and:

I realised that after many years of trying to ‘fit in’ ;I now do not care for all of those naysayers.  I beginning to believe in me again.

I believe in spirits and spirituality.

I believe that the Buddhists do know a thing or two about life.

I believe I do have something to give.

I do believe I have compassion and I AM a selfless person.

I am an intelligent woman, about to turn 50. Who likes to cook, and also likes to be wined and dined, will watch a movie or 2 and knows how to relax.

I have lived life –  as PINK sings “so what..” and will continue to do so because I want to, not because “You are making me to.”

Ok  – I suck in the finances department BUT I have survived, some how, this far.

AND YES  – YES  – YES  – I do like to write.  

I do love books.

I do love to learn new things.

I do not fit into any real stereotypical mould.

I do regret not having children but hey thats is the way the cookie crumbles.

I do know I have had some form of depression all my life but for most of it have coped with it and used it. 

I am only going to exercise when I ‘feel’ like it.   No more ridiculous gym sessions etc. because I look great for a woman my age…  I ain’t got booty but my breasts are firm and just nice, my eyes are sapphire and I am ageing like a fine bottle of wine.

 It is a new beginning – I think    Question Mark

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Inspiration Point

I think I will use this as part of my motivation -to write- wall this year. it seems so appropriate.

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The Bookstore Attraction Conundrum

Once again My blog friend Austin has come to all our rescues. A short poignant read that does give hope for all of us alone.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

bookstore-picDoyle wasn’t sure exactly why he’d picked that exact moment to look up from his book.

Even now, weeks removed from the incident, he couldn’t tell you if it was just a feeling he had, or if the Fates themselves had somehow intervened and tapped him on the shoulder.

He didn’t really care why he looked up, though.  All that mattered was that he did.

Because that was when he saw her.

“Dude,” he whispered as he tapped his friend Ryan on the elbow, and then pointed across the bookstore at the young lady who was browsing at the books on the Eastern European Religions shelf.

“Whoa,” Ryan uttered in reply, as he closed his book and sat up straight.  “And you thought hanging at the bookstore was a waste of time.  She is so your type.”

Doyle nodded his agreement.  The object of their ogling would definitely be found…

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Inspiration Point

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My Special Christmas Present

This is my christmas present.  No santa did not leave it nor did anyone else.

 I bought this when i was having my Sojourn to The Outback.

I was in Broken Hill at the time and visiting the Largest Mural in the World tourist attraction.    They had lots of silver jewellery on display and opals, and lots of other ‘touristy’ stuff. 

But I keep coming back to this necklace; I am certain my dad was guiding me to it.  

It was tucked way up the back behind some mass produced  chains from China, no not from there in “the silver city”.

Anyway I love it. So I am sharing it with all of christmas necklace

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