On the road – Sunraysia HWY

On Sunday I took a ‘quick’ road trip toward Mildura via the Sunraysia Highway.  The first bit is via the Western fwy toward Ballarat.

I recommend this road as a “GET OUT INTO THE COUNTRY” and take your family to see Victoria.

As you travel along – slow down your drive and see the countryside from :

The Brand New $10M + Livestock Exchange built recently.

You can stop and actually have a really good look at it. Encourage yourself or kids into “thinking outside the square’ in their career choices.

Nearby is the Dowling Forest Cemetery with some amazing headstones and real history of people who shaped this part of Victoria.

The next little town is Learmonth. A quick turn to the left will bring you to a lake.

Here you can stretch your legs,have akick of the footy on the oval or just wander along the bike path to look for ducks, geese, black swans and other wildlife. Over the hills are the wind turbines at Waubra.

Learmonth has a great little market every 2nd sunday of month at The Stags Head Hotel.

Driving north you will pass the art gallery of James Egan – one of Victoria’s living legends and prolific artist.

Next town is Waubra. Stop on your left and read all about the wind turbines and how they are helping fuel our renewable energy sources. As your travel toward Lexton there is an original station on the right called Mount Mitchell. Google up its history.

Lexton is the crossroads for the Victorian Goldfields. A terrific pub for Parma and chips and a bevvy.  It is the home of James Brasszell – a rural photographer and shearer and all round great guy.

As you drive toward Avoca slow down and have a laugh or drool at the old guys ‘car yard’ on the left near Redbank.  Look for the intense golden yellow of the wattle – which is our national emblem.

Admire the huge red gum trees and paddocks of new born lambs.  Avoca is the home of the Pyrenees – no! not those Pyrenees but our very own version with great red wine to boot.

Stop here and wander around the Chinese garden down by the river, have a terrific Genevoise coffee from Farmhouse Cafe, eat a pie from Pyrenees pies or if bakery is open a vanilla slice. And the public toilets are very clean.

There is a fantastic market at the Avoca Train station each month with a lot of wonderful organic food, produce, meats, and crafts.

If you take your bikes there is no end to trails, roads and places to ride to and back. This town has plenty of accommodation and every year a show stopping wine festival.

Again history is on show in the local cemetery and there is a great Horse race day also.

From here you can traverse the road back toward Maryborough, Clunes or Creswick.\Or across country to Bealiba and Charlton.

A little further out of town of your right is apx. a mile of prickly pear cactus, that has been there for years; and when it is in flower it is so beautiful to see.

Don’t forget to look for rosellas – red and green, green budgerigars, white cockatoos, pink galahs, echidnas, wombats and kangaroos.  Most farmers have alpacas in their field today also.  The topography begins to change here as the stony soil gives way to more sub volcanic and desert like countryside.

ST Arnaud is a large ish regional town that has, recently been in the spotlight for all the wrong reason – ICE, MDA etc.

It has a 24 hr fuel stop, a great coffee place opposite the park, where you can run around stretch the legs etc based in the old courthouse.  There is another park out the back of the library .

Donald – has a great bakery, owned by same people from Avoca, coffee place, bendigo bank, terrific op shop, and is the home to Kookas Cookies. You must stop and buy some. It is the home to WholeFoods Manufacturers and hosts a long  lunch in the paddock each year.   A prime golf course and a large grain facility.  Down the back is a sculpture from the commonwealth games in the river. and walking trails. Donald is another town that has a huge history linked to farmers going to war and families that have been there since settlement.

Watchem is a blink and you might miss it. It has an enormous church on the right with beautiful stain glass windows. It also has a great little lake where you can camp, stop, relax.

Which brings me to where I stopped – Birchip.

The home of the Mallee Bull, The most awarded winning bakery of the Great Vanilla Slice Championships ever. Kevin Sharp is that maestro. They make mean pasties, sausage rolls and bread too.

The Birchip Cropping Group can be found here. They are a community run and funded grain research group kicking butt in the worldwide agricultural scene.

There is lake nearby for all kinds of water sports and a very old drive in theatre.

The pub on the corner has had a ‘major’ cash injection and the best rural produce is on show in there no fuss country pub meals.    The fish and chip shop in main street is also pretty good. Very clean toilets next to a park and the local swimming pool are the best there is on offer . So clean.  Here i picked up my niece and we turned around and headed back toward Melbourne and Geelong.

I urge you to do a day trip or weekend and GO SEE AUSTRALIA> Along the way stop to see all these things and smell the eucalypts.


trina@pyreneesfarmhouse.com 0r 116 high st Avoca




donald bakery can be found on facebook


Shipwreck Coast

In early March I took a small 4 day trip to the south west of Victoria.  This part of the state is known as the ship wreck coast. It is the western end of the Great Ocean road and is the beginning of Australia’s history.

Here on this rough and awe inspiring coastline there are many stories of shipwrecks. One of the more famous is known as the LOCH ARD.

I have not got to that part of the state yet. On this trip I traversed the Princes HWY from Geelong through Colac to Camperdown.  I stayed the night in a very friendly motel.

In Camperdown it is a small regional town with a strong history tied to the wool industry. For this is part of the renown Western District – farmers who found their wealth on the back of Merino sheep.  It is also, a once strong proud dairy district.

In Camperdown there are beautiful historical buildings such as the old theatre ( in one of the picture) A fantastic meal can be had at the pub opposite.   Yummy delicious lamb shanks and red wine braise ; was my choice that night.  There are beautiful gardens. and a fascinating walk to the top of the hill ( volcano) in town. where one can see the old volcanic floors and soil topography.

The next day I took the long way to Timboon – home of a great whiskey distillery and ice cream store.   Stop there for good old fashioned friendly service.   On the old rail trail you can ride ( or walk) all the way back to Camperdown.   The quick trip to the old rail bridge north of town is relaxing and wonderful.

Warrnambool: – a large regional town full of everything. Home to the whale watching spots, beautiful beaches, lots of accommodation, fantastic art gallery and home of Paul Jennings child author extraordinaire.  It was once home to the famous Fletcher Jones clothes factory. Where I once, bought , my very first tailored wool jacket.  but like all great things it has closed and only the beautiful gardens remain. If you like gardens then do stop at the Japanese garden to the north of Fletcher Jones. It is very tranquil.

Every year there is 3 day race horse carnival where the main event is a long race with hurdles.  There are 2 very large and amazing playgrounds down by the river for all the kids. Plenty of great food, and things to see.  Can highly recommend a Thai restaurant in main street near the seal statue.

A little further down the coast is Port Fairy.  A town  of heritage houses and very pricey real estate. I was there the week the Folk Music festival was beginning.  Although it was windy and cold that day I did like it. On my way east I stopped at Tower Hill. this place is hard to enter off a fast moving highway but worth it. You drive down into the volcano. and there are 4 easy ísh walks to traverse. The souvenir shop is run by the local indigenous people and is full of great things. The coffee is fantastic. Here i spotted 6 koalas in trees and saw long necked magpie geese in the marsh land.  It was restorative.

Like my father-  I wandered (drove) back along all the back roads to Warrnambool.  Koroit is quaint and hosts an Irish Festival each year. On my way back I stopped in Terang – award winning bakery with great coffee based in a beautiful ( yet unloved and unkempt) art deco building. There is a wonderful avenue of the worlds most heritage trees in main street. wander along it to see huge oaks, walnuts, redwoods, pines etc.

So I am definitely going back to that part of Victoria.  It is approximately 4-5 hours drive from Melbourne. But do take your time and stop to see the scenery.

Here are some pictures of this trip.

RURAL LIFE comes to the City (again).

ON July 20 – 22 the Prince of Wales Showgrounds in the regional city of Bendigo was well, and truly, alive with the sounds of sheep, goats, alpacas, dogs, people and squawking PA systems.

The Australian Sheep and Wool Show is in its 141st  , yes (one hundred and forty-one), year.

It is a full showcase of everything sheep.

An epicenter of genetic excellence and complete showcase of the entire supply chain from the farm gate to the value added products to that lamb roast, chop, shank, rib or offal you will consume; at one time or another.

There is judging, in one shape or form – from the animal to fleece to how well, very, clever dogs can round the sheep up and pen them. With Sullivan’s trucking in over 700 sheep; just for the dog trials and judging.

3000 sheep were judged across a variety of categories – including the very sought after GRAND CHAMPION.

What was interesting was the schools (45 in all) participating.

Oh!! if only they had extended ag classes at my school. Ironically I lived in a very rural area – maybe they thought we already had a hankering to be a farmer.

Food – There was the Annual Breeders Dinner held at Fortuna Villa.  Where the movers, shakers, breeders, politicians and just lucky people were treated to an 8 course degustation dinner. Munching and salivating their way through the lamb themed dishes whilst listening to the latest speakers outlining the future of Australian Wool and lamb industry.

At the showgrounds there was the usual suspects – food wise – baked potatoes, pizza, coffee, pulled lamb burgers, dim sims, etc. etc. etc.

The delightful and engaging Fred Johnson with his jars of chutneys, pickles, etc. and (as a mate reckons) the best BBQ spice rubs ever.  Found at markets on the Mornington Peninsula; tell me you will not have his enthusiasm rub off on you.   Or that laughter.

Then there was LAMBITION –  a chance for diners to learn more in depth information about differences in weights, breeds, age, portion sizes to use, and eating qualities.

This was ably demonstrated by Meat and Livestock’s executive Chef Sam Burke, and CWA’s Mary Grant.

Of course with all of these type of events there is always extra specialized events such as The Australian Corriedale Association holding the World Corriedale Congress before the main show.

Or the Young Stud Masters Muster, with lots of awards handed out. I am guessing a few heavy heads the next day.

Fashion plays a part with the Women in Wool parades; daily.

This is in its 10th (tenth) year.  Over 300 entries in total were judged.

Up and coming designers are encouraged to enter and display their handiwork.

Knitters and crotchet aficionados are well catered for with numerous stands selling the much sort after “golden” – fleece.

Cashmere, Alpaca, Merino, Possum, wool blends. SIGH SIGH SIGH

I was so happy to see the Great Ocean Road Woolen Mills, Wangaratta Woolen Mills and Cashmere Connection (where I buy my lovely alpaca fleece from), the nearby Bendigo Wool people and the best – BELLEVUE PARK WOOL at this show.

This company is based in COOMA, NSW.  High in the Snowy Mountains their Saxon Merinos produce the finest ever, superfine and ultra-fine fleece.  This wool has a high level of lanolin which repels any dust and dirt.  Saxon Merinos’ are a great choice because this farm can get more wool per kilo from each sheep.  It has environmental ‘golds stars’ (well – in my books) because this means less impact on the surrounding land.

And the owners are truly delightful people.  Bill (or was it Jim?) had plenty of time to talk with me. And yes, I had a friend come back and buy some wool on Sunday.

Unlike a few other nearby sellers.

They were so darn helpful I am now planning a trip to the Cooma and surrounds.


NOTE: If you are going to be at these events then tell people about your product, or better yet DO NOT ask them to delete photos on their camera, of your product just because of some warped copyright thing going on in your head. (yes aviva kalagas and your pictures and the people selling the imported stuff).  


There were stands selling the requisite farm supplies, products, technology, equipment and clothing.

The trendy RB SELLARS, THOMAS COOK, WRANGLER, and the makers of UGG were there.   I salivated at all their stuff.  They are still doing ok because there were many patrons wearing their clothes.

THANK YOU Big Guy upstairs that you made my bank account empty that weekend, otherwise.

Whew… what a long blog.

There is a slideshow of photographs over on Botany Girl so tap that link and check out my pics.




So here are a few links:

www.bellevuepark.com.au   and on Facebook.

www.gorm.com.au or info@gorm.com.au









On February 26 I took a sentimental journey up the Hume Highway to the town of Seymour. Normally it would take apx. 1 and quarter hours BUT our beloved government is building wire barriers everywhere . To save who I have no idea.

Seymour or rather to the west of Seymour is Puckapunyal.  It is one of Australia’s’ Armies many training bases.  My niece (amber)  ex-school friend recently passed through here as an infantryman.

In the sixties it was the home of the Australian governments idea of joining that war.

They introduced NATIONAL SERVICE, a conscription enlistment that was far from voluntary.    It was a way to get ‘eligible’ young men to sign up and help Australia fight the “communist scourge”.  My father was called up and of he took, to do his duty.      He loved it and really really wanted to go with his new friends including guys he knew from back home.    This, in later years , was the basis for his war toy collection, books, memorabilia, volunteer work and interest came from.  I often wondered how different my ( our ) lives would have been; if he had just been allowed to go.

Alas he wasn’t because he was a primary producer and he and his brother were knocked back.

After visiting Holly at the cemetery ( 2 years now since she passed away) .

I decide to stop and look at the truly inspiring, interesting and sad monument walk that has been created by the towns people of Seymour.

It is a long curved wall at the end of a grove of white ghost gums , one for each person, the writing is a little hard to read in the photos but is amazingly beautiful at night as the wall is light from behind.

So here is a slideshow of some of that walk.  I admit to crying for the loss of my father, holly , his friends, and many many other courageous people.   When will we learn??? who knows because it seems to be coming full circle again.

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For those of you who have followed me from the first blog.   It is with enormous pleasure I want to share with you all.


After 7+ years of drought and dust and not much rain. It began to bucket down last week as a low moved west from the coast.    So all those beautiful towns i visited and stations in between have copped a drenching of the sweetest kind.   in excess of 6 “on the old scale or 600 mm + for those elsewhere.   So enjoy all you farmers and citizens of the vast outback. For I will be back to see the flowers in bloom, the sheen of green and the wide smiles on all of your faces.

On MY Birthday

Yes it was my birthday again. and this time, well once again , I took a trip with a friend to the great ocean road town of ANGLESEA..

Many years ago this town was nearly demolished by a huge bushfire but today it has recovered and is a much sought after place to live.

Along the way we went to the Great Australian CHOCOLATERIE.  They have another place in the magnificent Yarra Ranges near Healseville.

Here it is all about the chocolate. so here are some pics to get you going.

The slideshow will then be followed by the very pretty nature reserve all along the river in Anglesea. this is where we went for a walk to wear off the yummy food we ate at the Anglesea Hotel.   Can highly recommend the veal schnitzel, chips and the yummy salad that the kitchen made for me.   Thank You..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see there is absolutely any type of chocolate for any one. They have cooking schools and sessions for big kids and little. lots of pastilles to taste when you first enter the shop. And there is a fantastic fenced area outside for the kids to run around and make new friends while you partake of something to eat or just drink.

There are, also, native chocolates such as lemon myrtle and wild violet, or macadamia and bush tomato. You can watch the chocolates being made through huge windows. and the truffles are divine.

Surf Coast Victoria.

I took a little road trip today. Some 45 km’s away to our very own, and the world’s , best beach area called Bells Beach.

First you must drive through Geelong – another story another day.

And out through the NEVER ENDING NEW houses being built……

Once you enter the, once,charming town of Torquay  you have two choices.

I chose to go to the Old Torquay centre for some shopping and lunch.

It was quiet; just how I like it.  I did find a rather fantastic fashion store called STUDIO FASHION.  It is in Gilbert st and the ever delightful and pregnant Sally Ann served me.  SO cheerful, upbeat and not pushy one bit unlike another store nearby.  Thus they got my $$$.

After I strolled along the foreshore and took the following pics.   After a drive along the coast I went to the famous Bells Beach and Winkipop.  Every year there is a very well patronised surf competition here. Bring the world to this little part of Australia.   If you want some REAL exercise just come here and then take the stairs to the beach and then climb back up again.   WHEW i felt like I had a years worth of aerobics, and cardio in that one challenge.   But it was worth it. it feels magical.




NGV @ Federation Square

Today I, and fellow classmates, had a university field trip to the NGV.  I love this art gallery as the Ian Potter Gallery houses some of Australia’s best ( and least ) known artists.

Its main namesake is situated a little further down St Kilda Road and as of tomorrow it will be exhibiting the great works of VAN GOGH.

I saw this exhibition many years ago and was totally enthralled by his work, life story and the sheer genius that is VAN GOGH.

There is currently an exhibition on by Penelope Pound; I did not have enough time to view this but I did see much of the other art spaces and the excellent paintings, sculptures and varied other works on show. We were there to do an assignment on how Art is viewed by other people – namely our students; that we will teach one day.

SO here is a link ( hopefully ) to some of the works i viewed today. I took a picture of the work then of the descriptor / information card, that you find next to work. I do hope you enjoy this and one day go see the Ian Potter Gallery at the NGV @ Federation Square, Melbourne for yourself.



Up, Up and Away…

RAAF Wagga Wagga - I want one of these at my front gate.

The final or should I say the beginning of a monumental road trip.

This road trip has been 12 months in the making, from the first day my niece Amber attended a careers day for the defence forces to today ( wed. march 29 2017).

In August of 2016 she had enlisted in the Air Force, passed all their tests and finished high school. 2017 begun with her leaving us for RAAF Wagga Wagga, NSW for her gap year and the next step – albeit a very large step- in her life. I was emotional when she left because I had loved her like a daughter that I had never had and was so DAMN PROUD of what she was about to do.

So, like all good road trips some planning had happened.

Motel – check even got breakfast thrown in for the 3 nights her dad and I were staying.

Graduation details – double check.  Wednesday March 29, 2017 @ 10.15 am front gate for sign in, parade @ 11am, lunch afterwards.

Music – like all great trips it is about the music because who really wants to listen to talkback radio, or some sort of convulted mass produced music that is “supposedly local” but is part of Austereos network across the nation.

My choice was :- Nickelbak, The Madden Brothers, Van Halen, Keith Urban, Poison, Best of Phil Collins, Inxs, and unbelievably Taylor Swift ( only on the return home trip).

Food – I always take a mix of nuts, currants, dried fruits, etc , fresh fruit and some type of chip – in this instance it was my and Amber’s fav. Cheese Twisties, Cheezels and Salt and vinegar chips.  Plus water and a coffee from home. I do not eat the junk food stuff so at petrol stops I tend to avoid that part of the service centres. When I am really hungry I tend to leave the hwy for small towns and spend $$$ n the bakery or a cafe.  This trip it was the town of Benalla and i had a delicious coffee with a yummy jelly slice from Bouwmeesters in the main street.

It was a warm 32 and the day was fine, unlike north of us where cyclone Debbie was reeking havoc in QLD.

Wagga Wagga is 1 hr north of the NSW /VIC border city of Albury Wodonga.

It is reached by the, not so nice and smooth, Olympic Way.  You travel through the towns of Culcairn – terrific Burgers ( according to my nephew and brother who had gone to Wagga previously), The Rock, Henty – where one of Australia’s’ biggest farm field days are held, Yerong Creek and Uranquinty.   Just as you enter the city on your left is the The training base – Kapooka- for all the army people.   Amber’s friend Billy is there training to be an artilleryman.

So here we are, along with her mother, surviving grandparents ( mike and carol), 2 of her besties, Dave (dad), Jordan (the bro.) and Aunty Robyn Louise. sitting in a grandstand watching 54 recruits march in, get inspected, and then declared graduated, with a final march past .  Boy I so tried not to cry but hell I did. Dad had tears, even the bro. had that goofy look – like 21 yr old get, pretending he’s cool but still damn proud of his sister.

Afterwards she could not stop smiling, we met her ‘new friends and family’. spent up big on photos and merchandise.   Inspected their living quarters.

When it was time for all of us to leave Amber nearly broke down and cried, too.  I came back to Melbourne that day but dad and the others stayed on for 2 more days spending valuable time with her.  I could not stop smiling……But finally I cried again because Grandpa Mac was not physically there to see “his clever little cookie” graduate.  He would have been just as proud… So some road trips are really worth it.

vintage travelling pictures

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vintage travelling

On International Womens Day, March 8. I decide to escape the city and take a drive into the countryside.   My destination was the town of Lismore in the Western District of Victoria.  It was, and is, still the merino wool capital of the world.  Originally farmed by many wealthy graziers. The western district is home to much larger farms and some of the pastoralist have gone.  The town of Lismore is situated apx. 1 hour and 15 minutes from melbourne and can be reached by the Hamilton Highway.  Along the way I passed through the pretty town of Inverleigh, where my former boss Matt Dempsey has a 3 hat restaurant called Gladioli.

On the drive you can see some magnificent dry stone walls around paddocks.  I marvel at the craftsmanship of these because they must have taken so long to construct and yet still stand today.

There is a large body of water, of which you travel across the north end of called Lake Corangamite. It is in the basin of a long ago volcano.  The lake i took pics of is a water reserve called Lake Tooirioli and the hill in the background is Mt Elephant.  Of course its all about the dresses.  It is a truly awe inspiring collection put together by a lady named Dorothy Nichol.  It began as a hobby to keep reminders of just dresses that everyday folk wore but now it has grown, as people donate their mothers, fathers, grandparents legacies.  i used a point and shoot camera, so apologies if they seem a bit amateurish.

I will definitely be back.  enjoy the slideshow.

cropped-the-reason-for-this-trip.jpgvia Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

I have so many photos, that could be used for this challenge. But i think this of The Stockmans Hall of Fame in Longreach Queensland sums up Australia’s determination, drive, desire, and ability to succed no matter what.   It is the road trip every one should do.


2017 where to from here??


Well here it is another year and one that went by in a blur. I did travel but it was work orientated and family stuff. For those who have not checked via Capricorn Girl our mother passed away in July and there was much up and down the road to Mildura from Melbourne most of the year.  Also my friend Adam lost his wife in February and I have been on the road to check in with him half a dozen times.  Along the way I had 3 short quick trips – 1- to the Yarra Valley, 2- the lovely Murray river town of Cobram and the third to the wine region of Rutherglen. I will definitely be going back to see these places this year so i will master my ‘trendy new’smart phone and this new laptop to post these trips.

Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday and i am doing a quick road trip to the Otway Ranges to a small trendy place called Forrest. So I will post some pics etc over next 2 days.

So i have posted a picture of the waves at nearby Apollo Bay to satisfy you all..

Give me more car parking; PLEASE.

Multi storey car parking is what we want

Useless is the one dimensional one’s on offer, we all have to park too far away.

Let’s  have a  REAL look dear councilors on what happens every day.

Time to pull your heads out of the sand.

Include everyone in this ‘master public transport plan’

Spend money and now not ‘real soon’ or 2028.

Trying to catch a train on time; when having to walk a half mile to the boom gate.

Ordinary folk are always running late.

Raging mad, frustrated and tired everyday.

Extra 1-2 hours on my, already long day, trying to find a spot.

Yes a MULTI STOREY CARPARK, at every train station is what we all really want.




A quick check up and In

Hello Everybody.

WOW ohh! wow have you all been busy beavers since I last posted.  WHEWw!!  taken ages to read all your thoughts aned Austin You still rock..

I guess it is because majority of you are SNOWED In and have not much else to do.

In the menawhile Down Under we are still in the high 30’s (celsius) +++ and yes am getting a little tad tired of it .

This week we where hit by two (2) cyclones . One was Marcia…….and that other famous Marcia (Maureen Mc cormick) is starring on our own version of “I am a celebrity get me out of here” being filmed in the oh so beautiful Kruger National Park South Africa.

The cyclone version ran into the central coast of Queensland through the big city of Rockhampton, yeppon, and is now heading south along that coast.   The southeren end of the Great Barrier reef was stirred up and tossed around like clothes in a washing machine.

(I do hope Razorbackwriteraus – you are just getting much needed rain and family are safe.)

The other cyclone hit the far northern part of Australia in an area called Arhnem Land.  Cyclone Lam was equally destructive but due to less inhabitants it did not wreck as much.  Do not get me wrong there are still communities displaced and flooding water everwhere, trees down, no power etc. because this area is more National Park than suburbia its effect may not be known for days or weeks or months.   It ‘s effect on the biodiversity may take years to catalogue also. Also the Aboriginal tribal people are very resilient and are taking care of the cleanup. I guess they are kinda used to it.

So we are all having weather events to change our collective thinking on ‘climate change’ , maybe maybe not???? –  but we are all still alive and well; as can be.    Who knows what it was like hundreds of years ago. We do not know because there was less of us.

I do know this weather is creating some spectacular photographic moments and you gotta admire that.

Feeling down and alone all you have to do is vist any of those sites, pinterest, instagram, snapchat etc and see how fantastic Mothere Nature is.

So thqats it for this post. Until I get back to my local library internet again.

Be good Be brave and Remember you are not alone.


Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! Its Our Birthday

So it is January 26. Officially our nations birthday.. who cares if we are a republic or NOT.. We are still the most liveable, easy going, friendliest country on this planet.

Yes we have recently had our own problems like the rest of the world BUT today is week 2 of the Australian Open tennis, – where last night we proudly watched 4 of our bright young players slug it out to make the finals.   Although I am not sure I like the lollipop colors they are wearing.  Our adopted home boy in Roger Federer was eliminated along with Lleytton Hewitt

Even the Williams sisters ( who we adopt at this time of year) made it through.

Yesterday Afternoon was the culmination of The TOUR DOWN UNDER cycling event in South Australia, where we all loudly applauded (and quietly cried) as Cadel Evans retired from the sport of cycling.  But our next champion in Rohan Dennis won .

We are hosting the ASIAN FOOTBALL CUP ( soccer) and in the game btw Iran and Iraq not one thing politic was mentioned. Whilst 10,000 people cheered both teams on.  Tomorrow the Socceroos play the UAE.

Tonight Australia Plays India in a cricket match, and this week all across the country kiddies pack up their holiday stuff and go back to school.

Today, all around Australia ( and the world)  there will have been community bbq’s, concerts, citizenship ceremonies, fireworks, and all things just plain fun in honour of this birthday.

Should you wish to see how fantastic Australians are.

Here is the list  of OUR Australians of the Year recipients.

The overall winner was a very courageous woman named Rosie Batty.

Although I was hoping the lovely Deborah Lee Furness ( aka Mrs Hugh Jackman) would be recognized for all here terrific work in changing minds and laws for adoption of children from overseas.

My favorite author Jackie French was honored as our top SENIOR Australian.



Do yourselves a favor and come on down under soon… CHEERS MATE


Only in Australia can………

AustraliaWoo Hooo  !!! it is 5, Yes Five more days until our Birthday.

Only In Australia can we:

  • CELEBRATE, and I mean celebrate a National Public holiday over 3-4 days; or even make it 5 if you use some leave or just chuck ‘a sickie’.
  • Be a proficient sports mad nut and still be loved by all our family; regardless of allegiances.
  • Be the best country to come and live in.
  • Have the most unique collection animals ever.   From the Ice Age era of Dolphins with razor teeth, Wombats that could swim, Dipridons, huge anaconda like eels and Crocodiles that still are alive and hungry today.   To our unique Tassie Devil, Great White Shark, Whale Sharks, Kookaburras, emus and platypus  that still survive today.
  • Only in Australia can we blow the equivalent of the nations debt in fireworks, for any occasion BUT bitch about the price of ciggies and beer going up, or how much we get scammed by the airlines for’carry on baggage’.
  • Only here do we take refugees from every war torn, destitute, despot country and turn them into Aussies.  They then repay us by representing us in sport and all other areas proudly wearing the green and gold.
  • Only here do we have the most eye catching, jaw dropping and fun loving spectacular beach for our external border.
  • Only here can we have a 2 year drought washed away in 30 minutes flat with 5 years worth of rainfall.
  • And whilst that is happening in other parts of the country bush fires rage close to city edges.
  • Only here do we hail OUR REAL HEROES  – in the form of anyone who is and is part of our emergency services.  Yeah all the firies, ambos, paramedics, SES rescue guys, lifesavers and the ilk.We are so good at this, We go to your countries to help, guide and instruct you; on how best to do it.
  • We have so many World, Olympic Champions. It is hard to keep the HONOR ROLL Updated.  [Two (2)currently live in my very own back yard]…. Cadel Evans, Mark Weber, Darren Morgan, Bec Gange, Simon Whitlock, Ian Thorpe, Rod Laver, Margaret Court, Greg Norman, Adam Scott, Andrew Bogut, Michelle Timms, Andrew Gaze, Lauren Jackson, Anthony Rocca ( plays gridiron), Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmour, Chad reed, John Betrand (and all those guys and gals in the yachting world that just happened to sail and compete in your countries), Andrew Hoy and the equestrian champions. etc etc etc.
  • We have the worlds best scientists studying and working here.
  • We offer the world our VERY BEST Medical Technology and lead the way in ground breaking cancers/ research.
  • Only here do we have such a multicultural and ethnic diverse population that my nieces and nephews are more conversant with world politics than I am.  Due to the mix of kids in their classes at school.
  • Our farms are not just big BUT darn BIG.  They are not called farms but stations….So Big that most of them take a day to cross and 2 weeks to get around all of their boundary fences.
  • We can feed ourselves and you.  We have the best freshest and delicious foods grown here.  We export some much of it , that it is one of our biggest money makers.
  • We provide the world with most of its iron ore, copper, industrial sands, diamonds and pearls. And in recent years Natural gases.
  •  We have some  of the most diverse ecology and yet we predominantly live by the waters edge.
  • Only in Australia can we have an election called for 30 days time; to see that government pushed aside before they can do any real good.
  • Only in Australia do we embrace Women for a lot of our political top jobs.  ohh and on occasion corporate high fliers like Gail Kelly of Westpac bank fame or Gai Waterhouse of the horse racing and breeding dynasty.
  • Only in Australia do we have the best Defense Forces that we come and help all of you.  And we are recognized for it worldwide.
  • ONLY IN AUSTRALIA CAN we poke fun at ourselves and still hug our mates, with no malice or misunderstanding about it.

I am a very proud Australian and I would not want to live anywhere else; even if i do say if i won lotto i would move to the Bahamas….Second thoughts why should I move . Every thing is here in Australia.

Australia is the best country in the world…..and you are jealous because we all know you just want to visit and stay.

Cheers Mates.

How to Feel Like Writing Again

Once Again my blogging friend Ryan has encouraged me to get a routine going. So come on everyone “lets write” ( visualise this hummed along to the song by David Bowie and Mick Jagger….

Becoming learned from TV

Yes! television.

Here in good old Australia, it is summer. and that means at least 2 stations showing tennis, one for golf, one for cricket and another for all those great re runs of  thatAmerican Idol rubbish

some how we all missed.  Through out the rest of the year, just gone.

Ohhh! and one that if it plays that commercial ad naseum for there ‘up and coming’ wonderful  reality ( read a shameless plug for all your sponsors show. Hardly any building plenty of edited fighting) renovation show. I will be writing to the TV Ombudsman and complaining.   Do you hear me???? PLEEAAASSSEEE we know already how ‘your show works’…..

BUT I am definitely enjoying :

  • Hot in Cleveland.  What a stellar cast .  Best of all it is quite humorous and being of that age group I do get all the dating jokes.   On a small tangent form that is all the great shows all those gals were in before –  Frasier, Just Shoot me, Golden Girls and… oops brain freeze. forgot the other one.
  • Rules of Engagement . David Spade is wonderful as Russell and i love the sidekick guy, again forgot his name but the British guy always picking up after Mr Dunbar.
  • CSI  and its franchises. Here in Aust. they used to be on Sunday night, then some ‘brilliant’ programmer decided to split them up over differing nights and time slots. Thus I lost track of the story lines especially when Marg Helgenberger left and Ted Danson arrived.  In CSI Miami I, totally lost the story line about the time Horatio went to Brazil chasing some cartel.
  • NCIS, Charmed, JAG, Poirot, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead, Cold Case, Rizzioli and Isle, Chicago? ( the one about the firemen), Blue Bloods, The Indian Doctor, Downtown Abbey, Person of Interest, N3mbers with that cute guy as maths nerd,  and of course Big Bang Theory.
  • Some eps. of Sex and the city, Auction Hunters, American restoration, and Becker.
  • Now for the learned bit:
  • I am thoroughly enjoying any TV show that has :- Mega in its title.  I mean how cool is the way some of the worlds most amazing buildings are though up, designed and constructed.  Or the projects like bridges across great expanses of water, airports etc.
  • Grand Designs with the charming Kevin MacCloud.  It is interesting why people do not want a stock standard house to live in and the budgets.  whew!!
  • Anything that is David Attenborough.  I can never learn enough about the animals on this planet.   Wished we had sociology and geography classes like that in high school.    * Honorable mention to Martin Clunes for the History of Dogs series.
  • * and  also the guys who do shows like History of Britain / Scotland/ France etc.
  • Great Cooking shows.  yum all that food. I have fallen in love with you –  Rick Stein, Luke Van Nygen, Anthony Carlucii, Hugh from River Cottage, Nigella, Heston Blumenthal, Sammy D and his mate that munch their way through the USA, and the guy who does Man V Food.
  • Our SBS and ABC because it seems they have some great show lately. Including my favorite sports show – The Dakar Rally – OK it is Motorsport but every year the photography of South America  has me glued to the daily eps. and round ups. Even more so this year because a guy from oz was competing.
  • Best of all is my all year favorite : Antiques Roadshow…....history, old stuff, new stuff, money, people, locations and just all round easy to watch fascinating TV.

So I have my summer pegged.  I realise it is winter for most of you but am I right?? or Am I right?? some of this stuff is great to watch.

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